Living Life in ALL CAPS!!!

A Bit About this Farmgirl, Mom, Christian, Wife, Business Owner, Junker, Designer & Friend

About This Blog

When I was a senior in high school, I had a real health scare, they removed a huge tumor from my back. I have a 2 ft scare down my back to prove it. It took a few years, but I came to realize that I had 2 choices in life. Become depressed and feel sorry for myself or make my life an amazing journey.  I chose the later!

So in this blog you will find my life stories…

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… & I Turned It Into a Business!

Neil, would come home from work and there would be missing furniture, yup, I sold it. In the driveway, there be a vehicle full of, well… someone else’s garbage. I was quite the “junker”, I’d stop at farms unannounced looking for old stuff, or I’d go dumpster diving and garbage picking. (I’m surprised I wasn’t arrested trying to get to something I simple had to have!)

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Old Empty Farmhouse Takes a Road Trip

 Well it’s official, we are moving a farmhouse to our store property.  I know right, we are so excited… it’s not everyday you see a 1940’s, 30x40 ft., 2 story house going down the road.  So how did we even decide to move a house?...  What got us to this point?... ...

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Trip to Waco, Texas

Joanna Gaines have always inspired me, Yes I love her style, after all, we’re both farm-girls.  If I were flipping houses, they would definitely look very similar to the Fixer-Uppers we see on TV, with a bit of Wisconsin flair throw in.  But my admiration goes a lot deeper than her talent for design. it’s their drive and passion for what they do…

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Smile & Say Cheese, Please!!

We all got dressed up for a wedding, so I took advantage of it for a mini family photo session!!

Crazy family of 7!!!

The wedding was beautiful!!

It was so nice to spend family time away from home and business demands.

I highly recommend that for everyone … it’s so refreshing!!

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