January 1st Happy Birthday Zephyr

Johanna Schaitel

Posted on January 02 2020

January 1st 2011 I became a Mom!! I had my first baby at 12:31am on New Years day 2011. Zephyr Derrick Schaitel. Zephyr came from the train my husband proposed on, Derrick was my husbands nephew that passed away shortly before our wedding in 2006.  I could probably do a couple post about finally getting pregnant, we ultimately went through IVF, and Zephyr was our 1st fresh embryo transfer & perfect success!! Zephyr is a little of both my husband and I, but probably a little more me. He's creative, a dreamer, big imagination, and sweet. He loves books (doesn't get that from me) drawing, art, and Pokemon. He is so easy going, kinda a homebody, but is easily satisfied and loves to laugh. Going through the whole IVF process was a total roller coaster but now seems like a complete blur. I wish I would have started writing about life when we first married back in 2007 so I could share more details about ups and downs of the IVF process but when I meet people that are going through the same struggles I remember pieces of it all. We first me with a doctor who told us it was going to be 18k-21k!!! SERIOUSLY!!! That started the stages of emotions. Frustation-Sad-Disappointment-Anger-Mad...etc. God never really has placed things out front for me, usually I have to carry some weight on my shoulders for a while. That's just one of many details I remember, but gosh its so good to have those little reminders to keep up thankful, blessed, and real. Zephyr is such an amazing kid that I know will create something epic, he's always designing, creating, and thinking about the things around him and I am so proud!!  This is just a quick tidbit about so much of life, lessons, motherhood, trials, and blessings that I talk about and am happy to share, but again writing it all is so much more difficult for me. In starting this blog I hope I can get better at writing my thoughts and experiences, but if not, is it such thing that people blog/write for other people and their life experiences, because gosh, talking is so much easier than writing!!  If your out there, find me!! Until then your all going to have to just be confused as I just shoot from the hip with my thoughts and words.

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