"One Little Word" Wood Shelf-Sitter Signs

"One Little Word" Wood Shelf-Sitter Signs



Locally handmade in Baldwin Wisconsin by
9th & Sparrow

Many Words Available!

     Be     Blessed     Calm     Coffee     Faith     Family     Farm     Give     Hers    His    Home     Hope     Hubby     Love     Pray      Tea     Us   USA     Welcome     Wifey     Yum      &         

3":  &, Be ($6.50 each)

4": Eat, Hers, His, Pray, Tea, Us, USA, Yum ($8.50 each)

6":  Calm, Coffee, Faith, Family, Farm, Garden, Give, Home, Hope, Hubby, Love, Wife ($10.50 each)

8":  Blessed, Welcome ($12.50 each)

Perfect for any decor! Can be placed on a shelf, a tiered tray, anywhere!

Since these signs are handmade, each one is unique, and may vary slightly from the photo.