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What kid (or even adult), doesn’t love forts?! Say Hello to the Quickest, Safest, Mess-Free Fort! 

AirFort® is perfect for kids and families! believes that bringing fun into your household brings the family together. They pride themselves in the quality of the AirFort® as a toy kids will play with for years to come. In order for a fort to be played with often it needs to be easy, convenient and really FUN!

AirFort® inflates in less than 30 seconds. When the kids are ready to play, simply attach your AirFort® to a floor fan and you’re ready to go! Sets up in seconds, encourages play for hours!

And the best part? When it’s time to clean up and put away, all you have to do is stuff the AirFort® into its own matching carrying bag (weighing only 24 oz) and it’s ready for the next day of fun! The AirFort® is the best new addition to every play-date, movie night and slumber party. It’s the toy kids use to play with all of their other toys!


No Pillows • No Sheets • No Mess!

✓ Sets up & Cleans up in Seconds!

✓ Durable & Breathable Construction!

✓ Works with Any Standard Box Fan!

✓ Includes Matching Bag for Easy Storage!

✓ No Assembly Required!


How do you set up the AirFort?

Each AirFort comes with a set of Velcro and all you have to do is attach the Velcro strips, turn the fan on, and watch your AirFort come to life, transforming any space in less than 30 seconds.


Dimensions: 77” wide and 50” tall. Farmer's Barn is slightly bigger. Height is 54", Length is 91" and Width is 60".