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TENZI & TENZI SELECT: The world's fastest dice game. 4 sets of 10 uniquely colored dice with storage case. Everyone gets 10 dice. Someone say "Go." Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the the same number and shouts "TENZI." Lots of different ways to play. A fun fast frenzy for the whole family. Note: Dice colors may vary. Playing TENZI helps kids develop rapid and confident number recognition while being extremely fun & simple to play. Contains 4 Sets of 10 Colored Dice, Instructions for 9 different ways to play. Ages 7 to 107. Players 2 to 4.

TENZI 77 Ways to Play: More TENZI Fun! This card set is the perfect add-on to the fast, fun dice game TENZI. 77 different ways to play with 3 different categories; speed games, non-speed games and pattern games. Dice Not Included. Dice sold separately.  More ways to play than hours in the day. 

PAIRZI: Gotta Getta Pair! PAIRZI is all about speed! Be the first to find five pairs of Critter Cards. And we haven't even talked about all about the dice yet! Contains 120 Critter Cards & 6 Pairs of Dice. Ages 6 to 96. 2 to 6 Players.

SLAPZI: The fast-matching, card-slapping, everyone-laughing picture game! SLAPZI is all about speed! Be the first to match the right picture cards to the right clue cards. Plus, there are lots of different ways to play! Contains 120 Picture Cards & 65 Clue Cards. Ages 8 to 98. 2 to 8 Players.

BUILDZI: The fast stacking, nerve racking, block building game! Flip a card and be the first to build your tower! Lots more ways to play! Contains 32 BUILDZI Blocks. 32 Block Cards & 32 Tower Cards. Ages 6 to 96. 2 to 4 Players.

99 More BUILDZI Towers: More fast-stacking fun! 99 New Towers. 50 Oversized Cards. 5 Block-Building Categories; Crazi-Colors, Build by Numbers, 3D Builds, Flip-flop, & One Hand. Quick! Grab a BUILDZI block and start building! Ages 6 to 96. 2 to 4 Players.