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Style: Dino-Dough

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Land of Dough Play Dough is made from wholesome, natural ingredients and is sustainably handcrafted with natural colors, organic essential oils, and eco-friendly glitter and packaging. Children will delight in the whimsical designs, soft hand feel, and calming scent. You’ll feel good knowing that beautiful, quality play dough doesn’t have to be make-believe anymore.

Luxe Cups dial up the play value with a variety of intricate and interactive motifs. These cups feature multilayered dough colors for amazing play value, fun surprises, and charming patterns that are sure to delight. Each cup is an experience all its own. See what other worlds you can explore with our amazing Luxe Cups.

Luxe Cups include 7 oz. of dough and a small, wooden birch shovel.

* Sustainable
* 100% Handcrafted in USA
* Natural Ingredients
* Natural Colors
* Compostable Glitters
* Organic Essential Oils
* Delicate Calming Scent
* Novel Artistic Designs
* Eco-friendly Packaging
* Rehydrates for Extended Use

-Contains: wheat

What is the play time of Land of Dough?

- Unopened, they will last over a year. Once opened, you can enjoy more than 2 hours of active play time before you'll want to rehydrate your dough. To rehydrated, simply wrap dough in damp paper towel and place it in its container overnight. For long lasting dough; keep dough sealed in its container with the lid on, in a cool place when not in use.

- Air dries for sculpting! If there's a special creation you'd like to save, just let the dough harden in open air. Thinner creations should dry overnight; thicker creations may take a little longer.