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Style: Chopped Cherry

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ReStyle & Co. Jams, Jellies, Butters, & Spreads as are made by the premier cherry grower in Wisconsin, specifically located in Sister Bay, Wisconsin.  ReStyle & Co jams and jellies are made from Door County tart Montmorency cherries and taste homemade. They are made the way your grandma made them: in small batches on a kitchen stove top!

ReStyle & Co. jams and jellies contain whole fruit, sugar and pectin - that's it! They don't use artificial colors or sweeteners. Plus, they don't use high fructose corn syrup!
Simple ingredients. Simply delicious.

Suggested Uses:
-Pair with Cheese 
-Glaze Meats
-Use in Baking
-Add to Tarts, Cupcakes or other Desserts
-Create Sauces or Salad Dressings
-Top Toast, Bagels, Biscuits, Pancakes, Waffles, Oatmeal, Ice Cream, or Yogurt.

You're sure to find ways to incorporate these versatile jams, jellies, & spreads!

Chopped Cherry Jam - Bursting with intense flavor of generously sized chunks of Montmorency Cherries, our Chopped Cherry Jam will delight all cherry lovers with its delicious and mouth watering taste.

Juice Sweetened Chopped Cherry Jam - All the flavor with no added sugar. Natural fruit juices enhance the sweetness.

Cherry Jam - Made from fresh, ripe Door County cherries.  Use it in pastry recipes or enjoy it on sandwiches or toast. Pour it over chicken in the slow cooker for a flavorful meal. Easy to spread.

Cherry Rhubarb Jam - Taste of summer in a jar! Montmorency tart cherries and delicious rhubarb…tastes just the way your grandma’s did.

Cherry Horseradish Spread - The sharp edges of the horseradish are softened by the touch of delicious chunks of tart Door County Cherries, but it still adds zing to everything. Great on pork chop, chicken breasts and beef. An easy appetizer when paired with cream cheese and crackers.

Cherry Bomb - Packed with tart Montmorency cherries and spicy jalapenos, this jam is scrumptious as a topping on crackers and cream cheese for a fabulous appetizer or anytime snack.

Seedless Raspberry Jam - Bursting with fresh, ripe, sweet raspberries without the seeds! 

Midwest Blend Jam - is an explosion of ripe berry flavor! Four berries: Cherries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are blended together to create this ultimate fruit-lovers jam.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam- Perfect blend of sweet strawberries & tart rhubarb. This jam will bring a taste of summer back to your table whenever you open a jar!

Swedish Lingonberries - Fresh, sweet flavor with tart undertones. Spread on toast, stir into smoothies, or use on baked goods and desserts. Pairs well with game, poultry, and pork. Ideal for use with Swedish pancakes, for a true Door County-style meal. 

Apple Butter - Delicious apples are slow simmered with a blend of sugar and spices to create a soft, spreadable texture. It goes great on toast, muffins, oatmeal, and can be used for baking.

Dried Cherries - Delicious, plump dried cherries. An easy substitute for raisins in any recipe. They are a healthy alternative to candy in kids' lunch boxes, a great addition to stuffings for roasts, easily reconstituted and substituted for fresh cherries, or used as that extra something special in trail mixes, on relish trays, or in homemade chutneys!

Chocolate Covered Cherries - Just the right amount of chocolate onto each tart cherry, striking just the right balance between sweet and tart. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries are a very popular treat and gift idea!