Midwest Blend Coffee 1.5 oz


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Freshly Ground Gourmet Coffee - 1.5 oz
Well Rounded, Good Acidity with Light to Medium Body


Perfect little packets to add to a gift basket or to pack along on a trip!

  • Each packet is filled with 1.5 oz of the finest, ground Colombian coffee.
  • Only the finest high-grown gourmet grade Arabica coffee roasted.
  • This award winning coffee is hand-selected, craft roasted and scientifically measured to maximize consistency of quality.
  • Immediately after roasting, the coffee is packaged into nitrogen-flushed bags. This process forces nitrogen into the package, replacing the oxygen, that would otherwise quickly age the coffee. The nitrogen preserves the wonderful flavor.
  • Each packet makes one 8-10 cup perfect pot of coffee.
  • Contains no sweeteners, sugars or calories, no nutritional value, and is gluten free!
  • 1 year shelf life.
  • 100% Arabica coffee.  

To make the perfect pot, start with a clean 8-10 cup coffee maker. Empty contents of pouch into the filter basket. Add cold spring or filtered water and brew. Serve coffee immediately for optimum flavor.