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Flavor: Fire Roasted Garlic & Onion

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Whitley's 'Home-Cooked' Virginia peanuts have a wonderful, crunchy freshness and distinctive flavor because our peanuts are still made the old-fashioned way-hand cooked to perfection. We choose only the highest quality, extra-large Virginia peanuts, selected for their size and freshness. Each batch is individually cooked with proven, traditional recipes to ensure the crisp, fresh flavor and unique taste for which our peanuts are famous. Seasoned peanuts in 5.5 oz tin.


COUNTRY DILL PICKLE VIRGINIA PEANUTS: Feeling a little zesty? We've coated our famous "Home-Cooked" Virginia peanuts with an herb-infused zesty dill blend to give you that sour dill flavor you've been craving. Gluten-Free.


FIRE ROASTED GARLIC & ONION VIRGINIA PEANUTS: A delicious combination of fire roasted garlic, sweet onions and smoke delivers a savory balance of flavors when combined with our "Home-Cooked" Virginia peanuts. Gluten-Free.

HOT JALAPEÑO RANCH VIRGINIA PEANUTS: We're kicking it up a notch with our spicy Jalapeño Ranch flavored Virginia peanuts. They have just the right amount of heat and tangy flavor that has you craving for more. Gluten-Free.

SALT & GROUND PEPPER VIRGINIA PEANUTS: It seems almost too simple. Salt & Pepper. But we've taken our famous "Home-Cooked" Virginia peanuts and dusted them with a touch of fresh sea salt and ground black pepper. Two tasty everyday seasonings create the perfect balance. Gluten-Free.


SALT & VINEGAR VIRGINIA PEANUTS: The perfect balance of zesty sea salt, a touch of vinegar and a satisfying crunch! We dusted our famous home cooked Virginia peanuts with just the right amount for a taste that will leave you craving more. Gluten-Free.


SMOKY HABANERO CHILI LIME VIRGINIA PEANUTS: These scrumptious seasoned hot chili lime peanuts are a flavorful delight! Our famous home-cooked Virginia peanuts are hand-cooked and coated in a smoking habanero chili lime seasoning blend. These zesty hot peanuts make a unique taste like no other! Gluten-Free.


SWEET & SAVORY BARBECUE VIRGINIA PEANUTS: We've coated our famous "Home-Cooked" Virginia peanuts with a flavorful southern barbecue seasoning for a balanced blend of tangy, smoky and sweet. Gluten-Free.


THAI SWEET CHILE VIRGINIA PEANUTS: Sweet and tangy Asian inspired seasonings pair perfectly with our super extra-large Virginia peanuts for a crunchy snack with just a touch of heat. Gluten-Free.


WASABI GINGER VIRGINIA PEANUTS: Ignite your senses with this Asian inspired blend of wasabi and ginger flavors paired with our crunchy super extra large Virginia peanuts. Gluten-Free.


WHIT'S PARTY MIX: This tasty snack mix has the perfect combination of sweet and spicy! Grab a handful and enjoy the flavorful blend of hot Cajun sticks, almonds, smoky habanero chili lime peanuts, honey roasted sesame sticks, pumpkin seeds, butter toffee peanuts, toasted corn nuts, and taco sesame sticks. 4.75 oz Tin. Contains: PEANUTS, ALMONDS, WHEAT, MILK, AND SOY.