New Name! {reSTYLE} & Co. (2016)


Feb 25, 2016


{reSTORE} & {reSTYLE} has something exciting to share about our future.

But first we’d like to share a little about our past.

 {reSTORE & reSTYLE} started in the spring of 2008 as an occasional sale in a friends backyard. Then we moved to downtown Hudson WI as an occasional shop open year round. We then decided to join other occasional shops in our community for a few years, and closed our permanent location in Hudson.


In October of 2012 a gathering of a few creative neighbors opened a small Holiday Boutique for a twelve week, one-time event in downtown Baldwin Wisconsin. The Holiday Boutique had such a wonderful response from the Baldwin Community that after the twelve weeks Johanna knew {reSTORE & reSTYLE} had found its permanent home.


{ReSTORE & reSTYLE} flourished in its new location and grew to 15 plus vendors. In 2014 a quaint barn location became available at 1813 11th Ave, Baldwin Wisconsin, Johanna new this was the perfect location for {reSTORE & reSTYLE}. So in April of 2014 {reSTORE & reSTYLE} made the move to their current location. Business has continued to flourish, more talented vendors have been added and thousands of amazing customers visit the store each year.

So what’s new you ask? - A new name!


Going forward, we will be known as: {reSTYLE} & Co.

So why a new name at this time? It was brought to our attention that the name ReStore is the trademarked name for Habitat for Humanity’s Retail Stores. This could be confusing to some customers and the customers of Habitat for Humanity. So to honor such a great institution as Habitat, we are dropping the ‘ReStore’ from our name and adding ‘& Co.’ because it is indeed the “Company” of our creative talented Vendors, that have made us who we are today.

Neil & Johanna will still be creating and managing day to day operations. Our vendors will still offer unique, one of a kind items to restyle your home and your life and yes our motto will remain ‘My grandmother used it, my mother threw it, and I bought it.”


Thank you for your support. Hope to see you soon.

Neil and Johanna


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