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Scent: Lavender

Style: Laundry Soap

Sweet Grass Farm All Natural Laundry Soap

Eco-friendly, low-sudsing, biodegradable laundry soap concentrate is kind to nature and your clothes. This thoughtfully curated formula skips the fillers and additives and is perfect for front load and HE washers. A highly fragrant laundry powder for light, dark, and delicate clothing and linens. Super concentrated, use on 1/8 cup per load. 

  • 4lb bag is good for 50 loads of laundry
  • Free from harsh chemicals and synthetics
  • Gentle for those with sensitive skin

Laundry Soap Ingredients: Low-sudsing cleansers naturally derived from coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, fragrance and essential oils. 

Sweet Grass Farm All Natural Fabric Softener

Treat your clothes to our thoughtfully curated laundry softener formula. A treat for laundry day, this fragrant fabric brightener and softener is made of natural biodegradable ingredients. Made with plant based ingredients that are gentle on clothes and skin, leave your clothes soft, static free and pleasantly scented. Use on 1/8 cup in your rinse cycle. Good for all fabric types. Free from dyes and harsh chemicals.

  • Conditions water to leave clothes soft
  • 32oz bottle good for 32 washes

Fabric Softener Ingredients: Purified water, softening agents derived from soybeans and corn, polysorbate 20, fragrance and essential oils.

All Laundry products and handcrafted in small batches by Sweet Grass Farm. USA made.

*For external use only. Do not ingest.